Datwyler stands together

Every day, we receive shocking and heartbreaking news and images from Ukraine – the extent of devastation and human suffering is immeasurable. About 110 km west of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the Datwyler site in Malyn with its approximately 100 employees has also been affected by the destructive invasion of the Russian troops. Together with them, additional 100 employees living in Czechia – with their families joining them or, more often, staying behind – and working at the Datwyler plant in Nový Bydžov also suffer from the atrocious consequences of this terrifying war. Our Datwyler colleagues and friends need our help.

And we want to help!

As members and friends of the Datwyler “family”, we want to express our solidarity and support. The purpose of Help4Ukraine is to help Datwyler employees and their loved ones who have been affected by the war in Ukraine by providing them with direct humanitarian aid. They need our help urgently – and your help counts, too. Support us in alleviating their suffering and hardship.

Total donations

CHF 116’594

Total distributed

CHF 116'291