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Based in Altdorf, Switzerland, and Nový Bydžov, Czech Republic, Help4Ukraine is a non-profit, politically and denominationally independent association. The following are the pro-bono founding members of Help4Ukraine who vouch for the association’s commitment, integrity, and transparency. All administrative costs will be kept at an absolute minimum.

Our statutes can be downloaded here (in German only).

Rolf Kronenberg
friend of the Datwyler “family”

«The war in Ukraine concerns us all. Our association offers the opportunity to support the families of Datwyler employees quickly, purposefully, and unbureaucratically. Solidarity and concrete offers of help on the ground are needed now.»

Radovan Janda
Head of Finance, Datwyler Czechia

«Among the countless people in Ukraine affected by the war atrocities, we know many personally as fellow employees of the Datwyler company. We want to contribute to the easing of their suffering, suffering of their families and the local community.»

Simone Ramser
friend of the Datwyler “family”

«Words cannot describe the suffering caused by the war in Ukraine. I want to express my solidarity and help my former colleagues and their families as much as I possibly can.»

Fabian Gisler
friend of the Datwyler “family”

«For the first time 10 years ago, I travelled on business to Malyn. Over the following years, work colleagues have become friends. As my significant other is also originally from Ukraine, I am deeply connected with the country and its people. My support for this association is a matter of the heart.»

Damian Imhof
Former Sr. VP BU General Industry, Datwyler Switzerland

«I would like to make my personal contribution to ensuring that our colleagues in Ukraine have a positive future that they can shape themselves. For me personally, it is important that we are there for our colleagues in good times and not so good times.»

Benno Gächter
Head of Business Controlling Industrial Solutions, Datwyler Switzerland

«With our colleagues in Malyn, I have good friends in Ukraine. Also in Russia, I have friends. No one wants this war, but still, people are frightened, suffering and worse. Through Help4Ukaine, I try to help my friends and all the people suffering from the war.»

Adrian Büeler
Global Head of Operations Mobility, Datwyler Switzerland

«With this initiative, I would like to make a small contribution to support our colleagues and their families in this unimaginably difficult situation. I am convinced that our help is needed and that together we can make a difference.»

Renate Jandová-Britschgi
Supply Chain Manager, Datwyler Czechia

«The war in Ukraine has touched me very personally, as I have developed connections to some Ukrainian colleagues at our Czech plant and had the opportunity to personally meet some members of Malyn staff.»